We can now finally bring some positive news about ”Project  Dwarfism”!

Ragdollklubben is happy to give you an update on the progress of the research on dwarfism in ragdolls at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU.

Ragdollklubben had an interesting meeting on 20 April 2023 with two researchers at SLU who worked on the genetic part of the study, Tomas Bergström (Associate professor) and Suvi Mäkeläinen (PhD).

The plan is to submit a manuscript to a scientific journal during the spring of 2023.

If all goes well, we ragdoll breeders around the world can look forward to FINALLY getting access to the long awaited genetic test for ragdoll dwarfism.

The Animal genetics laboratory at SLU will make the test available as soon as the results are published. After, publication other laboratories around the world will also be able to provide DNA-testing.

The genetic cause of dwarfism in ragdolls is a novel genetic variant (mutation) and has so far only been identified in ragdolls. It has no connection with other forms of dwarfism in cats.

Some information about the upcoming genetic test:


  • The test will most likely be available in the near future, and testing will start at Animal genetics laboratory at SLU this year if everything goes according to plan.


  • Other laboratories in the world will also be able to set up and provide the test.


  • At the Animal genetics laboratory at SLU, DNA-testing is mainly done from blood samples, but it may also be possible to offer a swab test (this will be investigated in the near future).


  • Testing your cat for the dwarfism gene at SLU will probably cost about SEK 800-900, and you will be able to get test results in about 10-15 working days after the lab has received the sample.


  • Once the test is released, there will not be any problems for the Animal genetics laboratory at SLU to handle a large number of samples.

    The researchers will look into our proposal to offer a genetic test package at SLU in the future, that combines multiple DNA-tests for ”everything” including dwarfism in cats.

    Ragdollklubben will continue to follow up Project Dwarfism. We have a good collaboration with SLU, and have booked a follow-up meeting at the end of May.

    We will return with more information as soon as we can!

    /Susanne Göransson, Dorit Lundquist


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